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Seeds are meeting soil at a furious pace this week at our local farms, preparing for the first crops planted in season-extending hoophouses. Though we farmers sometimes jest that buying seeds and growing seeds are two very different pursuits, as we plant them now we cannot help but be awed by these tiny marvels of nature.

Both seed dormancy and germination are incredibly fascinating processes. The answers to why a seed can remain dormant for dozens of years, and why a seed chooses a certain moment to burst forth into a plant have only been figured out relatively recently.

While we may not have completely understood the germination process, for centuries we've known that sprouting seeds changes starches into sugars. Sugars are very useful, whether for metabolic energy or fermentation. They're also necessary for the seedlings that use them for energy while they prepare to use radiation from the sun as their source of energy.

germination2 gif

In the beginning, in the presence of water, the plant embryo is signaled by hormones whether to start imbibing or to resist absorption. They will resist if the other parameters, like temperature and oxygen levels, are lacking. These hormones are produced when the seed DNA signals to its RNA via those messengers we are now quite aware of, mRNA.

RNA is the next great frontier in plant science as we seek to stop devastating diseases that affect our food crops and habitat. In the meantime though, farmers (and brewers and bakers) will continue using the germination process to suit our needs.

At the Witt Family Farm, the need is to feed their chickens. Sprouting the grain first makes the nutrition more available and efficient for egg production. Egg production really starts to ramp up this time of year so it is good to support the needs of their hens! It's getting to be time to break out your favorite egg dishes...

But you should also join in the germination fun by making something with sprouted corn, like homemade tortillas or sprouted corn muffins. There are two types of heirloom corn in our store right now that were developed and grown right here in northern Michigan!

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