Our online store is always open and we schedule pickups and deliveries on Wednesdays and Fridays year-round. To order: click on shop and choose which day you would like to order for, order the items you would like, then choose the location you would like to pickup at or get delivered to. There is no membership fee for shoppers! Producers then gather beforehand to pack your bag together. Each order cycle ends the day before you pickup so that our producers have time to harvest, organize, and package your items.

Wait, so when do I need to order again? To order your groceries for Friday pickup or delivery you must order by Wednesday at midnight. To order groceries for Wednesday pickup or delivery you must order by Monday at midnight.

Why aren't the co-op's order cycles open all the time? Just as food grows in cycles, farmers harvest in cycles, so we order food in cycles. Our store is open all week, but we need the day before you pickup to harvest, organize and pack your order, so only one cycle is open during that time. Join our newsletter mailing list below and we will remind you weekly!

Do you need to be a member to shop the co-op? No, we are a producer co-op. There are no membership fees or minimum purchase needed to shop the co-op.

Where are you located? Other than our pickup locations listed below, we do not have a physical store, so please use our online farmers market store.

Can I pay in some fashion other than credit card? Right now online payments are our preferred method, but please call or text us at 231.676.3186 and we can make arrangements.

What if I placed an order for Friday but meant to order for Wednesday, or vice versa? Please contact us at 231.676.3186, we are here to help!

Where do I choose my pickup day? It's the first thing you do to shop in our store. If multiple order cycles are open it is a red pull down menu in the top right corner. If it's blue there is just the one cycle open then, or you've already chosen the day. At checkout is where you choose the actual location of your pickup or choose delivery.

What if I chose the wrong pickup location? Contact us, we are here to help! 231.676.3186

What if I can't make the pickup? After hours pickups and deliveries are available! Contact us at 231.676.3186 to arrange.

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Local deliveries are available on Wednesdays and Fridays. Choose this option during checkout if you're looking for convenience and to reduce your carbon footprint.


The white tinted area represents our delivery area. Pickups and deliveries occur on Wednesdays and Fridays year-round.
See our pickup locations below.

Pickup Locations:

~ ASI Pavilion, Bellaire

Wednesday drive-through pickup is from 1:30-2pm at5 the ASI Pavilion in Bellaire, 312 Thayer Lane. This is the same pavilion used for the farmers market on Fridays in the summer. On Wednesdays just drive up alongside us. We are also here on Fridays during winter market from 9-12, find us inside the Community Center at 102 Maple St.

~ Higgin's General Store, Alden

Wednesday pickup is from 3-9pm at Higgin's General Store, 9105 Helena Rd. You will find your bag in the dairy cooler. Frozen items are in the ice cream cooler next to the dairy cooler. Self-serve pickup is at your convenience anytime from 3-9pm on Wednesdays.

~ Rotary Park, Elk RapidslogoER.png

Meet us at the Chamber of Commerce on Wednesdays from 2:30-2:45 for a parking lot pickup.

~ Meijer, WilliamsburgLogoMeijer.png

Meet us from 3:00-3:15pm on Wednesdays for a parking lot pickup across from the drive-through pharmacy.

~ Grand Traverse Commons, Traverse CityLogoVillage.png

Look for us on Wednesdays near the pavilion at The Piazza in the village, found at 810 Red Drive from 3:30-4pm.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us at grow@torchlakecoop.com

or call/text 231.676.3186

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    To shop for your local food groceries from all of our producers, click on Shop Online. That takes you to the Open Food Network, open source software designed to help farmers collaborate and create thriving enterprises.

  • About Producers

    Members of the Torch Lake Co-op and other local food producers are working together to make your local food shopping easier, while making farmer's routines more efficient, productive, and rewarding. We strive to create win/win relationships for those we serve- local food enthusiasts and our small farm community.

  • Delivery reduces everyone's carbon footprint from that of the grocery store model

    Deliveries are available on Wednesdays and Fridays year-round for $7.00, just choose this shipping option during checkout. The delivery model saves time and reduces the carbon footprint of farmers and shoppers alike!